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the crisis in ukraine. what is happening on the ground in crimea that is going widely unreported but could have significant impact. ♪ >>> our digital prodouser wamg waj is here bringing in all of your life feedback throughout the show. are viewers concerned about the commune knee crimea? >> yeah, you mentioned misinformation and it seems every week there is a new player and each player has a story. russia says they are doing a military buildup to protect ethnic russians. sandra does not believe it . . . >> it is interesting ever time the worlds cold war come up that is such a hot button. >> yeah, to this day. >> months into the up rising in ukrain the young nation's political future is uncertain. russia falls into a much less coveted spotlight as it comes moving into this crimea. if you look at it there, you can see it is quite the strategic location for the two countries, and it is home to one of russia's largest naval fleets. now this comes after months of protests by opposition activists who say they are fed up with corruption and a leader that they believe is inching away from the eu
invite your comments on facebook and twitter. john kerry has arrived in kiev, ukraine. he brought a guarantee of loan to the ukraine. they hope to help prepare for elections and recover assets. according to the post, he is pledging economic and technical help area and -- technical help. met tosecurity council discuss the ongoing intervention in ukraine. every councilmember except russia supported mediation in that nation. samantha power listed what russia should do to resolve the situation peacefully. this is just under two hours. we will leave the program at about 11:30 eastern. >> from the permanent representative of ukraine to the security council, 2014/136. it is adopted. in accordance with number 37 of the council's rules, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. in accordance with rule 2039 of the provisional rules of procedures, i invite the assistant secretary general for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will now begin its consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i now giv
. >>> soldiers from ukraine and russia are starting across -- are staring across at one another, wondering who will make the next move. they're arguing over who ought to control bases in ukraine's crimean peninsula. russian forces have reportedly issued an ultimatum, surrender or face an attack. ethnic russians make up a majority of the people in the autonomous republic. russian forces have been building up their numbers and pressing ukrainians to hand over military bases and other facilities. russia's interfax news agency quoted a source at ukraine's defense ministry. he said the commander of the black sea fleet issued an ultimatum to surrender. an official from the russian navy denied the report. oleksandr turchinov warned people in crimea not to react to provocations. >>> the united states is hoping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis in crimea. u.s. president barack obama has referred to statements by nato and the group of seven industrialized country that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested other options. >> i
, stability and defending the people of ukraine, but america's un ambassador, samantha power, did not agree. >> there's no evidence that ethnic russians are in danger. >> meanwhile, at the white house, president obama warned that russian allies are making plans. >> we are considering a series of steps that will isolate russia and will have a negative impact on russia's economy and it's status in the world. >> but with pro russian crowds celebrating the troops in crimea, john mccain had a bleak view. >> the question is, is it too little too late. and that's the situation as it is now. >> for more, let's first go to ukraine and aljazeera america's nick schifrin, you're there in crimea, and what's the situation now? have there been any signs of recent troop improvement or activity. >> well, the occupation is increasing certainly, and the resistance as far as we can tell, antonio, is non-existent. we spent a lot of time going to bases today outside of the capital. and we saw bases with russian flags flying, and bases withing russian soldiers hanging out hanging out and calm and relaxing, an
with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> russian president vladimir putin says ukraine's ousted president is the only legitimate leader of the country and what's happening now is a coup. >> russia stands its ground in ukraine. >> shots fired in an attempt to control the advancing ukrainian troops, coming back to their base. >> we have the top -- >> secretary of state john kerry touched down in ukraine this morning. >> ukraine's navy reportedly ordered to surrender or be stormed. >> russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >>> deep freeze settling in. 45 outside of dallas was turned into a parking lot. >> i'm going back the other way. >> i just want to go home. >>> today is primary day in several states. the most high-profile race is in texas. state senator wendy davis is expected to grab the democratic nomination for governor. >>> it is fat tuesday, annual mardi gras parade bourbon street already packed with partier s partiers. >>> bill gates once again is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $76 billion. >>> national corve
at the aipac conference. >> discussing the situation in ukraine. this is two hours. the meeting is called to order. from the permanent representative to ukraine. addressing the security council. the agenda is adopted. with 37, i invite the representative of ukraine to participate in this meeting. it is so decided. with rule 2039 of the council's provisional rules of procedure i invite the assistant secretary-general for political affairs to participate in this meeting. it is decided. the security council will not begin consideration i'd dash of item two on the agenda. floor to thee assistant secretary-general. >> thank you. president, members of the security council. since the briefing by the secretary-general to this council on one march, the situation in ukraine has continued to evolve rapidly. we understand there is a andinuing buildup of troops ukraine. the situation remains fluid with reports of demonstrations in certain cities as well as attempts by local groups to cease control of some official buildings. parliament urged russia to fulfill immediately the agreement of the black sea
of the struggle for freedom, and the united states reaffirms our commitment to ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity. we condemn the russian confederations act of aggression, and we have throughout this moment, and evidence of a great transformation taking place, and in that transformation, we will standing with the people of ukraine. today ukrainians are demanding a government with the consent of the people, and i have to say that we all greatly admire the restraint of that the transitional government has shown as it makes this transition. they have shown restraint despite an invasion of ukrainian homeland, and the russian government that has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. the contrast really could not be clearer, determined ukrainians demonstrating strength through unity and the russian government out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, and provocations. in the hearts of ukrainians in the eyes of the world, there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. that both sides can accept. the prime minister spoke yesterday and
thousands of troops remain in the ukraine. leaders andr's best the imf again a special message -- mission. have revenue flows in the rearview mirror. welcome to the pulse from the european headquarters in london. geneva we had a cracking lineup so far. is the european car market is recovering. there is a glimmer of hope. he is going to be producing an suv very soon and the global markets are developing. we are talking to a higher die. what plans do they have this year? we will talk to renault. this is a european car company that has made a big investment in russia. are they regretting the investment and how will they manage the situation as this tory develops in the ukraine. how carefully are they watching every move that could and is making -- that vladimir putin is making? that could upset the apple cart and it will be a great show. >> looking forward to it. let's get more on the top story and the standoff between the ukraine and russia continues. vladimir putin withdrew soldiers soldiers remain in the crimea region. -- crimea region. a tense standoff in the crimea. base in c
is convinced of the need to work for a united ukraine. following the principles of international law and with unconditional full respect for human rights. it is a funny way in which the ukrainian people could find a democratic way out of the crisis affecting their country. they must focus their efforts on supporting such a process in order to cooperate and achieve political agreement which will present to the current crisis which ukraine is facing. thank you very much. >> i think the representative argentina and look forward to the representative of nigeria. >> madame president, what began three months ago as a political protest has taken on a dimension which today which would be best described as precarious. we call it our concerned to abide by the provisions of the human charger, particularly two which calls on all member states to settle their disputes by peaceful means and to refrain from the use of force. the current situation in ukraine, especially in crimea represents an important threat to international peace and security. we would like to see the de-escalation of tensions an
not guilty this ♪ >> the escalating political crisis in ukraine threatens to spill beyond boarders, it's effecting oil, gas, bonds, and wheat. and i'll head to america's heartland in a family farm with a big stake in russia. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show, so join our life conversation for the next half hour on twitter and if you like facebook. tonight i'm going to help you understand the economic implications of the conflict playing out in ukraine, pitting vladimir putin against the united states and its allies in europe. there are a lot of moving parts, and i'm going to try to make clear which parts effect americans directly, and which one coulds have an indirect but possibly more important consequence on the u.s. if the situation gets out of control. today's drama involve conflicting reports that russia has tightened its grip on crimea, and the u.s. is considering sanctions against russia, and i'll discuss why sanctions may not work, and why the u.s. might not get its allies to go along with them. right
>> charlie: welcome to the program. we begin this evening with a look at the crisis in ukraine and we start with senator john mccain. >> in eastern ukraine as we're seeing today, there's still a bastian of pro-russian people, and that's understandable, but even the young people in eastern ukraine don't want to be part of russia, and that's what it was all about, and i saw them then, later -- not while i was there, but later -- have a number of them killed and wounded and arrested by yanukovich and his desperation to keep roll and that obviously didn't work. we now know that yanukovich asked putin to send troops into camp. that is would have been interesting. >> charlie: some say yanukovich is an embarrassment to putin. >> i think so, but he's the only horsy he had to ride and it's pretty obvious he's taking care of mr. yanukovich just like he's taking care of mr. snowden. >> charlie: we talk to three men with experience in russia, michael mcfaul, former ambassador nicholas burns, and stephen hadley, former national security advisor for president bush. >> let's have no illusions
russia has just done in ukraine. when the berlin wall did fall in 1989, it started this chaotic centrifugal process by which the soviet union spun off into russia and all these new countries, all these new countries that had previously been soviet socialist republics. one of the most immediate crises to arise from that break in history was about all of the nuclear weapons of the ussr. at the time when the berlin wall came down, the united states had about 22,000 deployed nuclear weapons. for context we still have about 5,000 of them now, but then we had 22,000 of them and we think that the soviets had about the same number. and, yes, a lot of the soviets' 22,000 or so nuclear weapons at the time were in russia proper. but a lot of them were not. a lot of them were in belarus and kazakhstan and ukraine. and when belarus and kazakhstan and ukraine spun away from russia to become their own nations as the ussr collapsed, there was a real pressing and practical question as to who those thousands of deployed, fully operational nuclear weapons belongs to. this was not a sidebar issue a
of the crimean peninsula, part of the sovereign territory of ukraine. this is against the expressed wishes of the legitimate ukrainian government. it is an unambiguous violation of the territorial ukraine. it is a breach of international law. we can see no justification for these actions. we have heard from russia that the forces are in ukraine to protect minorities from old radicals. we had claims of interference in the affairs of the orthodox church. we have claims of hundreds of thousands of refugees. russia has provided no evidence for any of this. it is clear that these claims have simply been fabricated to justify russian military action. in assuming control in a sovereign part of ukraine, the russian federation has contravened its obligations is a member of the international community. it has violated article two of the human charger which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. it has failed to honor its international commitments as a founding member and is a signatory to the 1975 helsinki final act. it has taken back its
impact for ukraine. peter cook tells us how the ukraine is fueling the energy debate here in the states. ukraine. the latest on president obama says russian president vladimir putin has breached international law. the present spoke to reporters earlier today on the situation in crimea. thatere is a strong belief russia's actions is violating international law. president putin seems to think -- has a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. that is fooling anybody. everybody recognizes that, although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give them the right to use force as a means of inserting influence. said heresident also has not spoken to president putin since the weekend. let's get the latest on the --und rumble bloomberg ground from bloomberg. what is the latest in the standoff? much a tensel very standoff. there's is an air base down in crimea. it was taken over by russian forces over the weekend. this morning, ukrainian troops -- 300 of them -- marched back to that base and said they wanted it back. soldie
dismissed james by ukraine that the bolts have been given an ultimatum to surrender by tuesday morning. ukraine's acting president said russia would regress its actions the continued use. i appeal to russia's leadership stop the provocative actions aggression and piracy. see it is which. this is a crime you will announce the forests who wouldn't it be treated aaron has said to be sixteen thousand russian troops on the crimean peninsula. a prime minister as saying the same nick speaking with rich foreign secretary william hague said ukraine did not intend using force we try to resolve the crisis using only diplomatic and political tool. so for today no meal in three options on that too. walk we had simply asked for. foreign economic and political support. us secretary of state john kerry is expected in kiev on tuesday. the train from moscow someday with possible economic sanctions. reports of russian troops firing warning shots at the bell back airbase in akron and greek and russian soldiers had taken control of the basin reported shots came at around three hundred ukrainian soldiers. p
although we are geographically removed from ukraine it carries tension. he could bring back the past. despite the increased military abilities of the world powers. i thank you. >> i think the representative for his statements. i give it to the representative of jordan. >> thank you, madam president. jordan wishes to ask rest it deep concern vis-À-vis the current developments in ukraine and in the crimean region. we call on all parties to exercise self-restraint not to escalate by taking military measures or by threatening the use of force. jordan reaffirms the need to respect the authority and independence. we reaffirm the prohibition of the use of force in it territory or any part of the territory or indeed the occupation of the crimean region. they call on all states concerned to respect the terms of their agreements and treaties with ukraine. it is for the memorandum of 1994 as well as the treaty of friendship, cooperation and partnership between the ukraine and russian federation of 1997. russia and ukraine must starts effective dialogue to resolve the crisis between th
the ukraine, where russia continues to tighten -- developing news from the ukraine, where russia continues its stranglehold on the ukraine. 16,000 russian troops now surround ukraine's border posts and military bases. ukrainian officials say that two warships are blocked in by four russian navy ships. >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic and otherwise, that will isolate russia. says thatnt obama russia's actions violate international law and the global markets fell sharply today. for a womanoments in labor on the way at the hospital -- on the way to the hospital. they were leaving their annapolis apartment when they were confronted i've three men with guns. the man took off. the suspects tried to get the woman to let them into an apartment, but she did not have the key. with hercts took off car. after the chase, they were arrested and charged with robbery and assault. there is no word tonight on the woman's condition. the campaign for u.s. senate candidate ed gillespie of virginia is now linked with star power. mitt romney will be heading fundraisers this month in new york, an
chance to go with us coming up to this it's sucha thing in ukraine despite wednesday demonstrative until he was by ministers meet in brussels to discuss possible sanctions de juana off the pitch stories filed in pretoria the trail. later on the street smarts guilty to entering his girlfriend model the best in town. i guess trailer and it was a straight wins. the capital. the my juicy meeting on ukraine england worst crisis since the gleeful russian foreign minister said in the broth has criticized the west for its threats of sanctions and boycotts the huge concern in the presence of russian troops in the border region of crimea. and what it views as the us intervention in ukraine the mosque says its troops out there to stabilize the situation by ukraine's use russia's actions of an act of will. in crimea as regional capitals into a pole most soldiers can be seen posted on tiki locations they then no national insignia. but few doubt that from russia. ukrainian border guards have reported the build up the vomit vehicles on the russian side of the straits that separate russia from crimea. e
is showing its support today for ukraine's new leadership. meanwhile, russia's president vladimir putin seems to have softened his stance on ukraine. alex is in ukraine with the very latest. >> [chanting] marched, they sang ukraine's national anthem. then shots, a warning from russian forces not to come any closer. >> don't go any further, when russians older -- one russian soldier said. these unarmed ukrainian troops were trying to march to their airfield seized by the russians. after four hours of test initiation, ukrainian troops returned to their base. not succeeded but nor was there any bloodshed. we do not want a war with russia. across crimea, russian forces are demanding the surrender of ukrainian bases. in some places, they have succeeded. ukrainian troops are digging in. russia has now controlled all of crimea. today, president vladimir wootton defended russia's action and did not rule out using force elsewhere in ukraine. national interest to defend these people, he said. it is a humanitarian mission. secretary of state john kerry arrived in the capital of kiev yesterday for a meet
nations to hold negotiations. ukraine says 16,000 southern forces control the region. this morning president putin says though peaceful, force remains an option. he says russia has no plans to make crimea a part of russia. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrives in kiev in ukraine to discuss financial assistance for the nation. and washington sends a message to moscow suspending the plan to trade investment talks with russia. first, global markets making a comeback today. u.s. stocks took a big hit yesterday including the dow which suffered a triple digit loss. let's bring in in christine romans. what is behind the bounceback? how do markets look now? >> markets look good now for u.s. stocks. what's behind the bounce back is the fact president putin ended the military exercises in russia. when that happened and the president gave his press conference about four to five hours ago and said that he was not going to an ex crimea, you saw the highs reached in stock futures. dow up 165, nasdaq up as well. look at s&p 500 futures. if they rise 18 points, 20 point, you'll s
spoke a few hours ago, and breaking news, john kerry will speak in about 15 minutes. kerry is in ukraine's capital of kiev. the secretary also visited independence square, which had been the center of protests and where a huge memorial has now been erected to those killed before president yanukovych was ousted. we'll bring you secretary kerry's remarks live when he starts. again, that's in about 15 minutes from now. meantime, speaking publicly for the first time since the ukraine crisis boiled over, president putin accused the west of encouraging a, quote, unconstitutional coup in ukraine and said russia reserves the right to use military force as a, quote, last resort. however, these images, obviously, are stirring. russian troops, who had taken control of a ukrainian air base in crimea fired warning shots as ukraine soldiers approached. all this as we said with secretary of state john kerry now in ukraine in a show of support. nbc news chief fortunate affairs correspondent andrea mitchell joins us now by phone in kiev. andrea, do we have a preview of what we might hear from secretary k
. >> president obama's critical diplomacy as the divide deanens. dean -- deepens. and ukraine now faces a nation divided. >>> and good evening, thanks for being with us. i'm joie chen. welcome to special edition of "americofment "america tonight"g a major test between the world's western powers and russia. and is rapidly becoming the most urgent international challenge faced by president obama. first, a snapshot of the latest developments. an estimated 6,000 russian troops are now in crimea. though the ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. chaims that number is -- claims that number is much higher, perhaps 16,000. jeact john kerry is i -- secrety of state john kerry is in kiev. when it was reported that russia had issued an ultimatum, although russia denied making a threats. today president obama said russia's violation of international law will be in his words a costly proposition. >>> the tensions over crimea drew gractly over the weekend as a steady stream of forces, pressure is growing across ukraine with al jazeera's journalists covering key developments. >> ukrainians are preparing themselves f
america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. power may from putin and president obama as the ukraine crisis turns into a diplomatic showdown. >> i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries around the world, indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> senator john mccain tells al jazeera america why president obama's diplomacy is failing with russia. >> the united states has no idea what the kind of person putin is and what his intentions are. >> most of the country is bracing for another round of bracing temperatures. >>> world war ii, camp in idaho, what this discovery tells us about the japanese americans who were held there. >> and we begin with ukrainian showdown and the latest developments in this escalating world crisis. this evening president obama met with senior military and national security advisors at the white house. this is a photo of that meeting in the situation room. at the same time, the united states is suspending trade talks and putting all military negotiations with the country on hold. at andrews air force, sec
eight p.m. eastern, latest on the situation in ukraine and harry just was the ambassador from ukraine from 1998-2000. host: the morning. tuesday, march 4. after another winter storm in washington, d.c., the house and senate are set to can -- with theat2 2:00 house set to consider a bills. ends of pennsylvania avenue continue to keep a close eye on the unfolding crisis in the ukraine, the annual federal budget process gets underway today with the white house set to deliver the 25th team plan to capitol hill. this morning, we will preview the spending plan. we are asking viewers to tell us what you think the budget priorities should be. phone lines are open. republican guest:, democrats (202) 737-0001 and independence (202) 628-0205. you can catch up with us on facebook or e-mail us. morning fortuesday you. want to take you to the story and politico talking about the budget plan set to be released .oday challenges on the homefront. president barack obama facing a major war and policy test. tuesday he will have to pause for the ritualistic domestic politics of the budget. he wr
with palestinians. >> rhetoric between the united states and russia as the crisis in ukraine grows. president have ha vladimir putin research refers to its actions as a humanitarian. >> they are violating international law. president putin has different set of lawyers making different set of interpretations but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> late today the organization for security and cooperation in europe said a military observer mission from the united states in 14 countries will visit ukraine to monitor the situation in crimea. this comes as efforts intensify. we go to mike viqueira for the latest. >> reporter: the day of claim and counter claims by some of the principle players in this face-off. this is the white house coming up with a coherent strategy with it'sality lies. >>> there is no excuse, says president obama, for what is happening. >> there iit is not based on con for russian-speaking nationals but russia exerting force on a neighboring country. >> reporter: for a second day president obama interrupted a scheduled event to address the crisis in ukraine. >> we're call forgi
in the streets of ukraine, and in tough rhetoric from leaders in moscow, washington and kiev, as the u.s. called on russia to step back from what it now calls an act of aggression. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead this tuesday. president obama unveils his new budget blueprint, laying the groundwork for political battles over how to close the country's economic gaps. >> ifill: plus... >> with this app, we can make better decisions and maybe in the future i think we can change the world with this game. >> ifill: the california program introducing young men to the world of hack-a-thons and tech startups, training them to become the app developers of tomorrow. those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> at bae systems, our pride and dedication show in everything we do; from electronics systems to intelligence analysis and cyber- operations; from combat vehicles and weapons to the maintenance and modernization of ships, aircraft, and critical infrastructure. know
response can we expect. falling on a response what's the outlook for crimea for ukraine the rest of russia's neighbors today in the falls and get to the puts and makes his move in with the cia to talk about it here on this awesome kit today. our phones and gets douglas herbert has been reporting live from the crimean peninsula. he joins us from their record fall to exact a director of the mccain institute for international leadership and former united states ambassador to nato and enjoyed our meal my mom senators senator here in paris for the ump party representing the french abroad. also with us silverstein of bowling. you can read. once a fortnight in the international york times are calm and adjourned dimitri minute london bureau chief of the voice of russia were also pleased to join mr di marco. deputy chair of the russian forum on international affairs former member of the tomb of the false identity we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter hatch act s two for debate. um. i want to begin with you. does this hard because the situation has been evolving i guess you can see b
to surrender or face putin's russian military storm. russia is denying it issued the ultimatum to ukraine. growing. grips on ukraine is growing and today president obama warning the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options to isolate russia. very latest "time" magazine reporter live in crimea. he reports we are at a decisive moment. simon, tell me what's going on now. >> well, now the situation is quite tense. everybody is waiting for this ultimatum to run out in a few hours. and then, you know, it is possible that russia will begin a full on assault on these places that have been surrounded by russian troops for a tuesdays. >> the russians have claimed that they didn't issue an ultimatum. do you have any information to support that denial or can you disprove that? >> no, we can't disprove that. and there had been previous ultimatums and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it'
condition. reporting live from newark, len ramirez, kpix5. >>> now, to the crisis in ukraine. russia has issued new ultimate tips as it adds -- ultimatum as it adds to suggestions from crimea. they are calling for a national unity deal. it is also demanding that the crew of two ukraineia next warships surrender. but ukraine's active president says they are ready to defend themselves. charlie tagart tells us ukraine is not backing down. >> reporter: they are trying to determine what, if anything can be done about russia's military intervention in crimea and further activity along ukraine's eastern board. ukraine board guards have recorded seeing build up of forces along that board. ukraine prime minister says his country is on the brink of discasese sass they are. they have put their military on high alert. 130,000 active soldiers. but hundreds of thousands of reservist telling them to get ready to fight. >> charlie d'agart tonight. >>> president obama says russia is on the wrong side of history. he said today any russian threat to ukraine's navy would be a dangerous escalation of an alre
expected this morning. all eyes will be on the ukraine. >> we have earnings as well, though we? >> before the bell, radioshack, a fascinating company. >> three decade train wreck? >> they made a big bet on low-cost cell phones and they have really screwed it up. >> they made a big bet 30 years ago and it really has not paid off. >> we also have american apparel and smith & wesson. the 2015 budget this morning. mardi gras today. >> the president will be a mardi gras? [laughter] >> i expect to have a band coming through at any minute now. let's do a data check. look at stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities. the headlines overnight. russia backs off a little. we will go to president putin here in a moment. futures are up 20. the euro really does not turn much. -- churn much. nymex crude celebrates. yen weaker. 13. futures are down brent crude follows nymex. the papers and the website this morning. here is our front page with scarlet fu. >> ukraine. speaking right now. he says there is no need to send troops to ukraine yet. he says that yanukovych is ukraine's legitimate president. g8 doesn
, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. ukraine crisis, on the brink, an escalation of russian troop, the growing war of worlds. >> russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> the u.s. puts more pressure on russia. >>> economic concerns worldwide. >>> more turmoil in venezuela, a jailed opposition leader calls for new demonstrations. >>> and no compromise, israel's prime minister says he won't be pressured into a peace plan with the palestinians. ♪ >>> we begin tonight in ukraine where there are new developments in that country's stand oif with russia. thousands of troops pouring into the southern crimea region according to crimea officials who say they have been given a deadline by the russians to lay down their arms or face a full-scale attack. also the crisis is the focus of an ur -- urgent national security meeting at the white house. >> that meeting has now broken up. the administration, president obama had been scrambling to react to this active aggression by vladimir putin and russia. late friday evening the president appeared at this p
. >>> describing ukraine's political crisis as a result of a constitutional coup. >>> the president was also asked about putin's statements and said this. >> there is a strong believe that russia aegs action is violating international law. >> andrea mitchell joins me by phone in kiev with the secretary of state. andrea, thank you. you just saw the press conference. what is kerry attempting to do today in this crisis? >> he's attempting to shore off the ukrainian people to tell their interim leaders they can pull this together and resist pressure on in terms of rising energy prices and also the threat of military force, that they can resist pressure from vladimir putin. he was strikingly passion nal having had the moving experience of walking by the square where the resistance took place, seeing the barricade still there, seeing the tires and barbed wire and flower for the martl mart martyrs, the heavenly hundred, all men and one woman who died in the sniper fire. it was an emotional day and business of trying to meet with interim leaders and tell them that the united states will stand with them $1
russia and the crisis in ukraine. armed men, what will the president do? >> we are examining a whole series of steps, economic, diplomatic, that will isolate russia. >> will it be enough to stop vladimir putin? blade runner on trial. did oscar pistorius murder his model girlfriend? or was it a tragic accident? >>> and from one oscar to another. the parties, the highs, the loys, everything you could probably want to know about the oscars, including this extraordinary moment. >> guess what, pizza's here. >> the surprise pizza delivering star of hollywood's biggest night. how was the tip? the pizza man will be here live. >> russia on the move in ukraine. president obama's options. host of cnn's fareed zakaria gps. his book is soviet fate and loss. welcome to both of you. fareed, are we seeing or are we not seeing the beginning of a new cold war? >> it's not really a cold war, piers, because russia is not the superpower it once was. this is a country that is in many ways that tragically diminished what it was, one of the greatest losses of empire in the last 20 years that has happened to
that mosque is concerned by neo nationalist gain power in ukraine. and russia's envoy to the un rebuffed criticism of russia's stance on ukraine citing a letter from mouse to present our cottage asking moscow's help to restore warrior. under the influence of western countries that are open to that end in violence including postage if one was the seat for political reasons. this is no rush of water due to increased use of militant forces of the russian federation restore law and order stability and protection of the day. also afghan president as people of ghana stand on end a war that was and they are planning to washington's involvement in this country as the clock ticks toward the u s troop withdrawal. mosque in how you watching rt international with me rated action. a present with us as there's no need to use russian military force in ukraine. he however stressed that mosque is deeply concerned by the rise of neo nationalist groups in the country and get more now on this from the marina costume. marine up quite a detailed statement from the russian president there on the crisis in ukr
ukraine s forces in crimea to surrender by flying the pm local time on tuesday. a newsagency in moscow suggests the ultimatum was back to mind the threat of force russian present bloody we're putin says the use of force in ukraine would be a last resort but that he reserves the right to use all options adding to the good and was speaking to reporters at his official residence in a moscow suburb. he said ukraine's legitimate president victory in a covert officially ask russia to take military action. although eugenia now. whisk this was the new whisk. when you begin to see new moon along osmosis. he used. no when asked about a decision by other members of the gerber bates to suspend preparation for the g eight summit in sochi. he said that western leaders don't need to come if they don't want to the united states is helping diplomacy and the threat of sanctions will help settle the crisis. us president barack obama has refers to statements by nato and a group of seven industrialized countries that strongly condemn russia. he says he'll continue diplomatic efforts but also suggested othe
headquarters in do -- doha and i'm lori and they said they did not invade ukraine but invited to step in. standoff with ukraine troops in crimea. a court in egypt banned all hamas activities in the country. a push for independence, we take a look at the historic and cultural relationship between scott land and england as the sides continue to make their case. and racing to be crowned top dog and alaska's biggest horsing event. ♪ and russia has said that it has a legal basis for its intervention in ukraine. it says former president viktor yanukovych asked for russia's help and appears to be no sign that russia intends to pull its troops out of ukraine's crimea region and the international pressure on russia is mounting. u.s. actually john kerry is due to immediate the leaders on tuesday to show support. the u.s. is suspending military exercises and trade talks with russia and says it may consider sanctions. meanwhile an international body that keeps an eye on security in europe is conducting a fact-finding mission in ukraine. there has been a standoff between russia and ukrainian troops
russian after their invasion of ukraine. >> i think the strong condemnation it received from county countries around the world -- >> the president made the remarks, president obama said he also wants congress to pass an aid package for ukraine. the united nations discussed the situation in ukraine. the outed president of ukraine had asked for russian troops to maintain order. they accused russia of fabricating it. >>> a cross country trip aiming to raise awareness. he is a juggler with the cirque du soliel raising money for people hurt or killed when protesters clashed with police in kiev and he is asking people to sign a flag he will send to ukraine. >> well wishes from american people and send the writing on the flag, send it to the center of kiev. support from america to ukraine. >> he plans to end his trip in front of the white house. he hopes he can get a member of the administration to sign the flag before he sends it to ukraine. >>> dozens of jobs are available and oakland police are trying something new to fill them. the three things they need strengthen the department. >> t
>>> breaking his silence, russian president, vladmir putin defends sending troops into ukraine and declares it is humanitarian mission and warns th more force remains an option. >>> the president wants to expand a tax credit for the middle class and the working poor. >>> an emotional testimony at the blade runners trial in south africa. neighbors describes the screams before he shot and killed his girlfriend. >>> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. michaela pereira is off today. with he would like to welcome our viewers here and around the world. we will have those stories and more at this hour. a knew escalation in the crisis in ukraine. reuters news agency is reporting that the russian navy is blocking a channel between crimea and russia. we are waiting for a critical news conference from secretary of state, john kerry are, at the center of the worst crisis since russia and the west. i arrived in kiev just hours ago. one of his first stops in independence square. you can see him at the makeshift memorial being created to honor those killed in the demonstrations on the street. t
government in iraq or libya or syria or ukraine. that's "hardball" for now. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york, i'm credit hayes. tonight all eyes are on the situation in ukraine. a senior obama administration official tells nbc news that president obama has been meeting with his national security council discussing potential options with ukraine. tensions remain extremely high as russia steps up its occupation of crimea, a semi autonomous region located on the black sea in the southern section of the country. russian president vladimir putin shows no sign of backing down, despite mounting pressure from the u.s., nato and the eu. this standoff has escalated incredibly quickly with a steady string of major developments since pro-kremlin forces moved into ukraine last week. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs in any military intervention in ukraine. >> when armed and masked gunmen appeared at the two main airports in crimea friday, the world wondered whether russia had really decided to begin
right now. thanks everybody. >> fox news alert on the growing crisis in ukraine. russian troops firing warning shots in the air. new concerns that the russia is reaching its military deeper into ukraine as russian president vladmir putin says he reserves the right to use force to protect those living in what he calls terror. meantime, our secretary of state john kerry is in dehe have meeting with leaders of the newly formed ukrainian government as the united states announce as one billion dollars eight package to ukraine and considers sanctions that putin says will only backfire. a live report moments from now. but first right now, breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: a major announcement from nascar star kurt bush. what he is planning to do that no driver in the last decade has done. >>> 8-year-old suing her parents for college tuition. today they face off in court. >>> and toronto mayor rob ford appearing on "jimmy kimmel" live. the man who admitted to smoking crack reacted to the suggestion that he get some help. it is all "happe
the next hour of "money." hey, melissa. melissa: we are tied into the current crisis in ukraine and we'll hear what is going on lynch on the ground and a former ambassador to ukraine. plus we have exclusive with the brilliant michelle girard, one of my favorites. the "wall street throwdown" is whether radioshack will live or die. you've been very hot on twitter. tune in and get ready for the ride because even when they say it's not it is always about money. melissa: the markets are the big story. ii want to go to straight to andrew keane on the cme. i've been following you on twitter. you made great calls. what do you think happens the rest of the day here? >> it is unbelievable to see the rally in the stock market. i've been on the show with you before and you can not short the stock market. market continues to go higher. huge crisis with ukraine and russia and oil pipes. doesn't matter. we sell off one day, immediately gets bought. warren buffett came out said yesterday's dip, 1% of h off all-time high is buying opportunity. this stock market is out of control. i took off a lot of ri
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